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Care Insturactions 



MOCHA jewellery is a precious and refined piece, and therefore needs to be looked after with the upmost care. By bearing in mind a few precautions, you will be able to preserve its original beauty over time


.Each piece of MOCHA jewellery should be cleaned regularly. The best way of performing this, without causing damages to it, is by using very soft brush to apply soapy water to it, before rinsing it under mild water. Jewellery involving leather parts should be cleaned using a soft cloth.


Make sure to remove your jewellery before the following: going to sleep, partaking in sport, washing your hands or using particularly corrosive products.

Endeavour to avoid contact with fragrances, cosmetics, alcohol, ammonia, and chlorine while wearing your MOCHA jewellery, and also keep each item away from heat sources and extreme temperature changes.


Keep a hold of each items original packaging, box, or pouch as a place to store the items of jewellery when you are not using them. Make sure to only store each item individually, however, as contact with other jewellery pieces may cause scratches. The best way to store chains is by laying them flat in order to avoid them becoming entangled.



-If an item of jewellery receives a shock or a hit, check the stone setting immediately! Be sure to check that the clasp and safety latch close properly and do not force them shut if there is resistance, in order to avoid additional damage. If you have any concerns, endeavour to have your item checked assessed by a MOCHA BOUTIQUE.




Each piece creation of MOCHA  is made with the highest quality materials and produced with the upmost care in order to ensure both quality and durability. However, persistent usage and wear and tear could potentially shorten the lifespan of your MOCHA garment. In order to avoid this, please read the following care recommendations in order to maintain the high-quality condition of your MOCHA item of clothing for longer.








  • Do not expose them to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

  • Avoid contact with harsh edges as Mocha embroideries are made with sensitive threads.

  • Please reference the care labels that are provided with all items of MOCHA clothing.

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